Pricing and How We Work

We meet with each client initially to determine the scope of their project. We like to get a feel for the client’s goals–and make sure that everyone is on the “same page” as far as the design, details and time-frame.

Many of our clients have expressed gratitude for our ability to adhere to a budget. King Fisher Craftsmen stress quality workmanship in everything we create and yet match our designs and implementation to the type of job for which we were hired.

For instance, a tuna fisherman typically doesn’t appreciate paying a shipwright to install classic yacht-style details in a crew’s stateroom, rather he wants great workmanship that fits the style and purpose it was designed for. And conversely, the owner of a waterfront condo would prefer to have decks that are stylish but do not block the view out of their windows.  That is how we always work—no surprises, just good communication skills and commitment to our client’s satisfaction.

Whether the project calls for estimates, quotes or a time/materials kind of arrangement, we keep our clients involved in all steps of the process. As a result, we receive most of our business from word-of-mouth referrals. Our former customers are our best advertisers and often times our repeat business!

For referrals or testimonials, please call us. 10254022_10203021216984913_8833038366516263288_nWe’d be delighted to provide them.

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